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Roll and Graph Farm Math Game

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E-I-E-I-O… And on your farm, you had a cow!

Oh, and a sheep, a duck, a horse, and a goat… This farm-themed game is an early-age math activity that will get your kids mooing for more! 

Free Farm Math Game - Roll and Graph Math Game for Kindergarten and Preschool -

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For preschool or lower elementary age children, this roll and graph farm game is great not only for its mathematical aspect but for its vocabulary building potentials as well!

When the kids roll the dice, they will need to recall what animal it lands on.

You could even ask them to make the noises those animals make to spice the game up a little! 


There are a few pages that you receive when you download this printable.

You’ll have the instructions page that explains how to use the roll and graph game, along with the graph page.

Both of these pages can be printed on standard 8.5”x11” white printer paper. 

When printing, you may choose to print the dice on cardstock or heavy-weight paper so that when you fold it, the dice will have a firm form to it.

If you print on printer paper, no worries.

I suggest if you print on printer paper to laminate the page before cutting out and folding the dice.

This will give it an even firmer structure than the cardstock or heavy-weight paper would. 

Moving forward, you will need scissors and clear tape or glue to finish setting up the dice. 

  1. Cut the outer perimeter of the dice, along the thick black line. Pay careful attention to the flaps on some parts of the dice. You don’t want to cut these off! 
  2. Once cut, fold the dice along the thick black lines, including the flaps. You may want to do this step one fold at a time to more easily put the edges of the dice together.
  3. Take your clear tape or glue to adhere the edges of the dice. Tape may be a lot easier to use, but go with what feels right!


Playing the roll and graph farm game is very easy after you finish setting it up.

Materials you need: 

  • The dice
  • The graph
  • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers

Get started by rolling the dice.

Shade in next to the animal or the farmer that the dice had landed on.

You can choose to have kids do this for only a certain amount of time, or until one of the animals or farmer has gotten to six times rolled. 

Where you decide to incorporate this math activity is truly up to you, but here are a few suggestions to get you started if you are feeling stumped:

  • If you are a teacher or a homeschool parent that is preparing an intro lesson on graphing, this is a very simple bar graph activity that is easy to understand and gets all your students or children involved in the process of creating their graphs. 
  • You may be gearing up for a farm-themed unit study and need relevant activities to get your preschool or lower elementary classroom into a farm-filled headspace. Snag this activity to get them thinking about some of the animals they would find on a farm. 
  • Use this roll and graph farm game as one of many math stations within the classroom or for homeschool. Set this game up on a table, then set up several other math activities throughout the room. Have a timer and have students go from station to station, allowing a certain amount of time for each activity!

We want to see your kids rolling and graphing, so tag us on Instagram @MamaTeaches!

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