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Fun Facts About North Dakota

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Do you have an interest in the Peace Garden State? 

Take a look at these fun facts about North Dakota!

North Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. 

This is the same day that South Dakota became a state too. 

An interesting fact is that both states wanted to be the first Dakota to be admitted to the union, so to be fair, the President of the United States, signed both states into statehood on the same day! 


Fun Facts About North Dakota

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What else can we learn about North Dakota? 

Keep reading for more fun facts!

North Dakota Facts for Kids

The Peace Garden State is a Nickname for North Dakota

North Dakota got its nickname as the Peace Garden State because it is home to the International Peace Garden. 

In 1932, the International Peace Garden opened. 

It reaches across the border of North Dakota and into Canada, essentially joining the two countries together. 

The gardens represent peace, cooperation, and friendship between the nations. 

Here, visitors from all over can gather to celebrate unity while experiencing the beauty of lush gardens and historical structures. 

How cool is that?

The Center of North America Lies in North Dakota

Located in Rugby, North Dakota is a monument that claims it is the geographical center of the continent of North America. 

The stone pillar stands 21 feet high and is set on a heart-shaped foundation. 

While there have recently been challenges as to whether or not the city of Rugby is the actual center of North America, it is still true that the geographical center of North America will lie somewhere in the state of North Dakota.

Fun Facts About North Dakota

North Dakota has a Dinosaur Tour

Across North Dakota, there are quite a few places where one can find interesting dinosaur attractions and fun fossil digs. 

The North Dakota Dinosaur Tour has a total of eight incredible museums, where taking a step back in time is just the beginning. 

These eight places have a variety of exhibits and activities that feature unique displays such as full-scale dinosaur skeletons, fossil and mineral specimens, and other prehistoric discoveries. 


North Dakota is Home to a Giant Buffalo

The world’s largest buffalo stands tall in Jamestown, North Dakota. 

He is the biggest concrete buffalo around and goes by the name Dakota Thunder. 

This giant buffalo is 26 feet tall and weighs a whopping 60 tons. 

Dakota Thunder has been watching over Jamestown since 1959 and has been a friendly face to both locals and visitors alike.

The World’s Largest Cow Lives in North Dakota

Salem Sue, the world’s largest Holstein cow, sits in New Salem, ND. 

She is 38 feet tall, 50 feet long, and weighs about 6 tons. 

She was built in 1974 to watch over the fields and honor the hard work, persistence, and dedication of all of the dairy farmers of the past and present. 

Next to Salem Sue is a sign that encourages visitors to donate a dollar to help pay for Sue’s maintenance. 

Because of this small donation, locals have been able to keep Salem Sue in excellent condition!

Fun Facts About North Dakota

North Dakota Holds the World Record for Snow Angels

In 2007, the state of North Dakota earned the title for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place. 

A total of 8,962 people gathered on the grounds of the state capitol to make snow angels, thereby earning the world record for the most snow angels! 

That’s amazing!

Interesting Facts About the State of North Dakota

The state of North Dakota has many interesting facts that make it special. 

The Peace Garden State is the center of North America, and is also home to Dakota Thunder and Salem Sue. 

Not to mention, North Dakota has incredible museums showcasing dinosaurs and many other prehistoric fossils! 

North Dakota is quite an amazing state!  

Have you ever been to North Dakota?

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