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Seahorse Craft for Kids

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There are nearly 50 seahorse species living in oceans all over the world!

Their resemblance to land horses ranks them among the most interesting creatures found under the sea.

This free seahorse craft resource is a fun way for children to express their creativity while learning about seahorses.

Seahorse Craft for Kids
Seahorse Craft Activity

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There are so many interesting things to learn about seahorses!

These fun facts are great for building prior knowledge and to get children ready to learn more.

To pique your child’s curiosity, spend a few minutes discussing these before introducing the paper craft activity.  

  • Seahorses are not related to horses at all. In fact, they’re actually fish! They’ve got gills for breathing, fins for swimming, and a swim bladder to help with buoyancy.
  • Most have only one mate for life. They’ll even do a mating dance that can last up to eight hours. This dance ritual sometimes even involves the seahorse changing colors!
  • Seahorses’ tails are very beneficial. They’re used as weapons if needed while fighting for food, and they help the animal stay put during storms.
  • Sometimes seahorses link tails with their mate. Sort of like the way humans hold hands.
  • A male seahorse’s pouch protects the eggs that the female places there. Once the hatchlings are ready, the male releases them. This is why it looks like the male seahorse is the one who gives birth! 
Easy Seahorse Craft for Kids


This simple and fun papercraft resource is free and easy to make, and you can use it to enrich an under the sea or ocean theme in your homeschool or classroom.

It’s a great hands-on activity for preschool or Kindergarten-aged children.

  1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need sharp scissors (adult supervision is needed), glue, and you can also be creative with glitter, sequins, sparkles, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination!
  1. Download and print the SEAHORSE CRAFT FOR KIDS from the Freebies library. Use cardstock for durability. 
  1. Build interest by talking about the seahorse fun facts mentioned above. Your child might even want to find out more about these under the sea wonders!  
  1. Follow the directions listed on the first page of the printable. After the craft is constructed and dries, the seahorse will be ready for hours of play-based learning fun!
Under the Sea Seahorse Craft for Kids

This activity is a great way to encourage children’s imaginations!

It also touches on many early childhood skills. 

  • Fine motor development-cutting and gluing the papercraft pieces
  • Builds knowledge about seahorses and encourages curiosity
  • Language skills-children can tell stories and create under the sea imaginary adventures. They can even give their seahorse a name!
  • To take it a step further, look up a few more fun facts about seahorses to find out other interesting things about these adorable ocean creatures.

You can find this Seahorse Craft for Kids activity in the Freebies library.

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