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Fun Facts About Greece

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The country of Greece can trace its roots all the way back to ancient times.

Their rich cultural traditions, unforgettable landscape, and delicious food make it a favorite destination for travelers. Check out these fun facts about Greece.

Fun Facts About Greece

Basic Facts About Greece

Greece sits on a peninsula that juts into the Mediterranean Sea. It is a rocky country with around 2000 islands sprinkled around it. Its capital is Athens.

The Greek flag is blue and white stripes with a white cross in the upper left-hand corner.

The population of Greece is around 10 million people, and 99% of them speak the national language, which is (surprise!) Greek. It’s the oldest language still spoken today.

Read on for more fun facts about Greece!

Fun Facts About Greece

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1. You’ll Need to Try Souvlaki More Than Once

Greek food is renowned for its flavors. One of the most popular dishes is souvlaki, but every restaurant in Greece has its own recipe.

You’ll have to order it from different places and choose your favorite!

Hunks of meat are marinated, skewered, and grilled. The meat is served on top of a pita or alongside french fries. A special dipping sauce sits to the side.

If you have room for dessert, don’t miss baklava. Flaky layers of phyllo pastry surround layers of crushed nuts and sweet, thick honey.

2. The Kithara Makes Sweet Music

Picture a handheld harp. You are close to visualizing the kithara, an ancient Greek musical instrument.

The English word “guitar” comes from “kithara” since both are stringed instruments.

The kithara has seven strings and is said to have been invented by the Greek god Apollo.

Fun Facts About Greece

3. It Turns Out the Greeks Invented Everything

Okay, technically, this is not true, but the Greeks did invent an astounding amount of world-changing items and ideas, from money to maps, geometry to thermometers, and umbrellas to alarm clocks.

4. Delphi Is Where Kings and Queens Went for Advice

In ancient Greece, the god Apollo was the one who knew the future. His representatives on the earth were women called oracles.

The most famous oracle dwelled in his temple in the city of Delphi.

Famous leaders from all over the ancient world traveled to Delphi to visit the temple of Apollo and hear from the oracle.

This ancient temple’s ruins are still present today. You can walk through an ancient stadium that seated almost 5,000 people and see a bronze statue that is 2,500 years old.

Fun Facts About Greece

5. The First Olympics Happened in Greece

The Olympics were invented by the Greeks in 776 BCE to honor their chief god, Zeus.

Even though the cities in Greece were often at war with one another, they would pause their fighting to compete against each other in the Olympic Games.

The Games did not have all the events we have today. They did have sprinting, wrestling, discus, and chariot racing. Only men were allowed to compete.

6. Drinking Coffee Takes Hours

If someone in Greece asks you to go for coffee, prepare to spend hours at the coffee shop!

The Greeks love this leisure time. The conversation is relaxed and punctuated with very slow sips.

So sit back with your frappe, espresso, or cappuccino and enjoy the slower pace of life and the leisurely conversation.

Fun Facts About Greece

7. Greece Makes 275,000 Gallons of Olive Oil a Year

Olive trees are abundant in Greece, and the tiny green fruit can be pressed for olive oil.

Greece is one of the top producers of this flavorful oil, second only to Italy and Spain.

The traditional method of olive picking involves pounding the trees with large sticks to make the olives fall to the ground.

In any given year, Greece will produce more than 2 million olives.

8. The Greek National Anthem Has 158 Verses

“The Hymn of Liberty” became the Greek national anthem in 1865. It is played at the close of every one of the modern Olympic Games.

The song has 158 verses to it, but only two are sung as the national anthem.

Fun Facts About Greece

9. Santa Claus Is Greek

St. Nicholas, whose name is lent to Jolly Old St. Nick, was a Greek bishop born in 270 AD/CE.

St. Nicholas dropped bags of gold coins into the houses of the poor.

10. Greece Isn’t Officially Greece

Greece’s official name is actually the Hellenic Republic, and Greek refer to themselves as “Hellenes.”

It was the Romans who called the Hellenes “the Greeks,” and the name stuck with English-speaking people.

Fun Facts About Greece

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