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Fun Facts About New Jersey

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Let’s learn some fun facts about the super state of New Jersey! 

New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, officially became the third state to join the union in 1787. 

While the Garden State is well known for its delicious produce, sunny seashores and entertaining boardwalks, what else makes this state so wonderful? 

Let’s check out some interesting random truths about the state of New Jersey!  

Fun Facts About New Jersey

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New Jersey Facts For Kids

New Jersey Wasn’t Always New Jersey

Before the state was officially named New Jersey, it went by a few other names first. 

One part of New Jersey was called New Netherlands. 

This was back in the 1600’s when some Dutchmen surveyed the area and then decided to name it after their homeland. 

Another part of New Jersey was known as New Sweden, a name given by the Swedes who settled on the land. 

Finally, the state was given the name New Jersey after the Isle of Jersey, which is found in the English Channel.  

New Jersey Has A Lot of Diners

With over 500 diners in the state, New Jersey has more diners than any other place in the world! 

Because of this unique fact, the Garden State is sometimes referred to as the “Diner Capital of the World”.  How interesting!

Fun Facts About New Jersey

The Tallest Water Tower Is In New Jersey

Located in Union, New Jersey is the world’s tallest water sphere. 

Known as the Union Watersphere, it holds the record for being the tallest water tower standing at 212 feet tall! 

Built in 1964, this towering sphere holds 250,000 gallons of well water.  Wow! 

New Jersey is Home to Many Horses

While NJ is home to many people, it’s also home to many horses. 

There are over 27,000 horses living in the Garden State. 

That’s about 4 horses per every square mile, or you can look at it as 1 horse for every 323 people. 

That’s definitely a lot of horses. 

Another fun fact is that the United States Equestrian Team is located in NJ. 

Well, that makes sense then, doesn’t it? 

The Largest Collection of Spoons is in New Jersey

The Lambert Castle Museum located in Paterson, NJ holds the world’s largest spoon collection.  

Donated by an avid spoon collector, the exhibit is home to over 5,400 spoons. 

There is a spoon to represent every state and almost every country in the world.  Neat!

Did you know that Virginia is one of the original 13 colonies?

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New Jersey Has the Longest Boardwalk

The longest boardwalk in the world is the Atlantic City Boardwalk. 

At about five and a half miles long, the AC boardwalk is also America’s first and oldest boardwalk to date. 

Built in 1870, the boardwalk was designed to reduce the amount of sand that built up along the beachfront buildings. 

The AC boardwalk is now a popular destination for shopping, gaming, and simply strolling along the shore.  

Fun Facts About New Jersey

Fun Facts About New Jersey

Who knew that the Garden State wasn’t originally called New Jersey or that the largest spoon collection can be found in this great state? 

Well, we sure did not! 

But now we know, and you do too.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning these interesting facts about New Jersey!

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