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Facts About Horses

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Do you love horses?

If so, these fun facts about horses are sure to make you smile!

Facts About Horses

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Fun Facts About Horses

Horses are magnificent and majestic animals. 

They have been human companions and helpers for many years. 

Once upon a time, riding horses was a common way for people to get from one place to another. 

Horses are also known to be great aides, assisting people in a number of ways from pulling heavy loads on the farm to even supporting their human friends through various types of therapy.

Just when you though horses couldn’t get any more awesome, you find out they come in many different sizes, colors, have incredible skills to boot!  

Check out some of these fun facts about horses that we’ve put together!

Facts About Horses

Facts About Horses for Kids

Horses can be grouped into 3 different types.

Horses are known as hot bloods, cold bloods or warm bloods. 

Hot bloods are super fast and excel at racing because of their speed. 

Cold bloods are really strong and make great work horses. 

Warm bloods are a combination of both and are wonderful riding competitors. 

Horses are herbivores.

An herbivore is a plant eater, so essentially, you can say horses are vegetarians. 

They love to graze fields and meadows munching on grass and hay. 

A few of their other favorite foods include barley, oats, beans, peas, apples and carrots. 


Horses can see 360 degrees.

Because a horse’s eyes are on the side of its head, they can actually see 360 degrees at one time. 

Wouldn’t that be something? 

Their eyes are also the biggest of any other mammal that lives on land. 

Facts About Horses

Horses have many different names.

There are quite a few names for a horse. 

A baby horse less than a year old is known as a foal. 

A young horse that is 1 -2 years old is called a yearling. 

Horses that are under 4 years old are known as a colt if it’s a boy and a filly if it’s a girl.  

Male horses older than 4 are called stallions or geldings. 

Female horses older than 4 are known as mares. 

What about a pony, you ask? 

Well, ponies are just short horses. 

Who knew?

Horses can sleep standing up.

While horses can sleep lying down, they can also snooze while standing.  

How cool is that? 

They actually have a special system, called a stay apparatus that allows them to lock their legs.  

This helps them to relax and nap without worrying about falling. 

Horses have hooves.

Hooves are hard coverings that protect the horse’s feet, similar to nails on people. 

Each foot has one hoof and can be protected by what is called a horseshoe. 

Horseshoes help stop the hooves from cracking and wearing down. 

People who work on hooves and horseshoes are called farriers.

Facts About Horses

Interesting Facts ABOUT HORSES

As you see, horses are one of a kind. 

They can be free and wild, trained work horses, or just friendly companions. 

Whatever life a horse leads, they are definitely one of the world’s most remarkable creatures!

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