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Fun Facts About Washington State

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Discover some fun facts about Washington state!

Did you know that the state of Washington is the only state to be named after a president of the United States? 

It’s true! 

When Washington became its own territory in 1853, the United States Congress declared that it be named in honor of the first president, George Washington. 


What other fun facts about Washington State are there?

Fun Facts About Washington

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The State of Washington Facts

Washington produces more apples than any other state

Apple orchards grow on over 175,000 acres of Washington State. 

These delicious apples will fill up nearly 128 million boxes every year. 

With each box of apples weighing 40 pounds, that makes it out to be 2.3 million tons of apples that Washington produces! 

It is no wonder that the official state fruit is the apple!  

Washington has the deepest river gorge in North America

The Snake River runs along the Washington boundaries of Idaho and Oregon. 

The gorge of the Snake River, Hells Canyon, is very deep. 

Hells Canyon goes all the way down to 8,000 feet! 

That’s deeper than the Grand Canyon by almost 2,000 feet! 


Fun Facts About Washington

Washington is home to the westernmost point of the continental US

The westernmost point of the continental U.S is Cape Alava in Olympic National Park. 

Cape Alava is a popular tourist attraction for trail hikers and campers alike. 

With its lush forests, tall waterfalls, and rocky beaches, Cape Alava is more than just the westernmost point of the lower 48.

Washington has a lot of glaciers

Washington is the second most glaciated state in America (with Alaska being the first). 

There are over 3,000 glaciers in the state of Washington, and approximately 186 have names. 

Emmons Glacier is the largest glacier in Washington and is located on the northeast part of Mount Rainier.  Emmons Glacier is 4.3 square miles. 

Now, that’s big!

Washington is home to the world’s first revolving glass floor

Located in the Space Needle, ‘The Loupe’ is the world’s first rotating see-through glass floor. 

500 feet in the air, The Loupe goes around and around very slowly so visitors can stand, walk, or sit down on the glass floor. 

Looking through the floor, the architecture of the Space Needle is visible. 

Watch the elevators and its inner workings, while you spin around. 

Looking further down, you can see the Seattle Center and other amazing city attractions.

Fun Facts About Washington

Washington has the world’s longest floating bridge

A bridge made with pontoons that helps it stay above water is a floating bridge. 

This allows cars and other vehicles to travel safely across lakes and other large bodies of water. 

The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge located in Washington is the longest floating bridge in the world. 

It spans Lake Washington for 7708.5 feet. 


And this isn’t Washington’s only floating bridge. 

Some others include the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, Homer M. Hadley Bridge, and the Hood Canal Bridge.

Fun Facts About Washington

There are many unique and interesting facts about the state of Washington. 

With its own official fruit, deepest river gorge, and longest floating bridge, Washington State seems pretty great! 

What do you think?

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