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How to Teach Colors

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Curious about how to teach colors to toddlers and preschoolers?

Don’t worry!

We have you covered!

How to Teach Colors

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Introducing colors to your toddlers can be a fun process for everyone involved.  

As children are naturally attracted to colorful objects, watching them learn to identify the individual colors and hues is both enjoyable and rewarding.  

So, how do we get started teaching children colors?

Follow our lead, and begin by implementing a few of these awesome ideas into your daily lessons.  

Before you know it, your little ones will have learned all the colors of the rainbow!

How to Teach Colors

Teach colors by ExplorIng Nature

Nature provides a beautiful color palette for little learners.  

Get outside and explore.  

Introduce the colors as you see them.  

Point out the brown tree trunk.

Touch the green grass.  

Pick the yellow flower.

Look up at blue sky.  

Watch the white clouds float by.  

Identifying colors through natural objects provides a fun and easy way for children to remember what colors are what.  

How to Teach Colors

Food Play to Teach Toddlers Colors

Food play is another wonderful way for little ones to learn color.  

Our favorite foods to play with are raw vegetables and fruit.  

Not only do they provide an array of different hues to be discovered, but they can also be gobbled up later as a healthy snack.  

Put out a plate of orange carrot sticks, red apples, yellow bananas, and green celery.   

Discover and discuss the different colors and then eat them!  

You could even focus on one hue at a time by serving up only red foods, green foods, or orange foods.  

There are so many possibilities when it comes to learning with your food.

How to Teach Colors

Teach Colors by Singing Songs 

Every child loves a little ditty, especially when it rhymes.  

Using catchy tunes to present colors to little learners is a great way to begin identifying them.  

The best songs for learning are both upbeat and interactive which will keep children engaged and moving.  

A few songs we like to sing include: 

  • Color Song for Children by The Learning Station
  • Rainbow Colors Song by The Singing Walrus
  • Colors Everywhere by Bounce Patrol

Play Games to Teach Colors

Games and puzzles are also great tools for learning colors.  

Playing games such as Red Light, Green Light or I SPY can make color identifying exciting for children.  

In addition, building with traditional colored blocks, sorting alphabet tiles, or mixing and matching memory cards are more great options to incorporate color lessons into every day learning.  

How to Teach Colors

Paint and Color to Teach Colors to Kids

Keep it simple and break out the crayons, paints, and watercolors.  

Children love to be creative and by providing them with the tools to do so, they will be encouraged to discover color on their own terms.  

With a little guidance, little learners will begin to understand a lot about colors just by making imaginative works of art.

How to Teach Colors

teaching colors to kids Doesn’t have to be complicated

By exploring nature, playing games, and singing songs, children are able to discover the basic concepts of color. 

Learning about colors though these types of hands-on activities and interactive lessons gives little ones the opportunity to discover different colors and hues.  

Furthermore, learning through play will also enrich their vocabulary and strengthen their creative skills.  

With a few of these amazing ideas incorporated in everyday learning, teaching colors to toddlers can be fun and easy!  

Let’s get started!

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