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Interesting Facts about Zebras

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Dazzle your kids with these interesting facts about zebras. There is much to learn about them from their surprising skin color to zebras hugging.

Interesting Facts About Zebra

Basic Facts about Zebras

Zebras are black and white.

Each zebra has a unique stripe pattern.

Baby zebra are called foals.

Zebra live together.

Zebra are herbivores.

Now on to the interesting facts about zebras!

Interesting Facts About Zebra

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Fun Facts about Zebras

A Group of Zebras is Called a Dazzle

There are a few different names for a group of zebra, one of them being a dazzle. The other words that a group of zebras can be called is a herd or a zeal.

Zebras Have Black Skin

Unlike cattle that have spotted skin to match their fur patterns, zebra have all-black skin under their striped fur.

Not All Stripes Are Created Equal

The white stripes on a zebra’s fur are around 18 degrees cooler than the black stripes.

Interesting Facts About Zebras

Zebras Can Produce Offspring with Horses, Ponies, and Donkeys

Often the offsprings of these combinations are infertile due to the chromosome difference. The name for a zebra and horse offspring is a zorse. A zebra and a pony make a zoni. A donkey and a zebra make a zonkey.

What unique, interesting facts about zebras!

Zebras Run in Zig Zags

To help confuse their predator, zebras run in zig zags. The combination of the pattern on their fur and the running in zig-zags makes zebras hard to watch.

The Top Speed of a Zebra is 35 Miles Per Hour

Depending on the subspecies of zebra, the top speeds may be higher than 35 miles per hour. Regardless, zebras are quick! Pairing their speed with their stripes and herd mentality, zebras are a tough catch for predators.

Interesting Facts About Zebras

Stripes As Bug Repellant

Not only are the stripes great for confusing predators, but zebra stripes also confuse bugs and parasites. The striped pattern makes it difficult for the pest to be able to land on the zebra.

Zebras Can Sleep Standing

Much like horses, zebras can take a quick snooze by locking their knees. This is beneficial because the zebras are already standing and can quickly move if predators threaten them.

To achieve deep sleep, zebra do need to lie down.

Interesting Facts About Zebras

Not So Domestic Zebras

It has been tried to domesticate zebras. However, it has been unsuccessful because zebras have a temper and can be aggressive (including kicking and biting).

Thanks to these interesting facts about zebras, you know to give zebras their space!

Zebra Hug

They aren’t cuddling with each other, as cute as that may be. Instead, there is a practical reason why zebras rest their heads on each other’s backs.

It’s a survival behavior.

While in this position together, the zebras have a 360-degree view of their surroundings. No predators can sneak up on them because there are eyes in both directions.

Interesting Facts About Zebras

Read More about Zebras

Zebras: Striped Wild Horses of Africa by M. Martin

Learn some more interesting facts about zebras with this easy-to-read book about zebras. It is full of facts while maintaining simple sentences to allow younger grades to read it.

Zebras (Elementary Explorers) by Victoria Blakemore

Written by a first-grade teacher, this read is perfect for helpful information and interesting facts about zebras.

Follow Those Zebras: Solving a Migration Mystery by Sandra Markle

Thousands of zebras suddenly leave Namibia, which they call home, each year. They magically reappear months later. But why? This book goes into how scientists solved this zebra mystery using technology.

Interesting Facts About Zebras

Fun Facts about Zebras

There is so much more to learn about the animals on our planet. By learning some interesting facts about zebras, kids can think about and learn some things about zebras. This awareness may help them to want to help protect the zebras.

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