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25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

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LEGO bricks aren’t just for playtime! Incorporate LEGO into academics with these LEGO homeschooling ideas.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

Why You Should Use LEGO Bricks in Homeschooling

Kids love LEGO, from two-year-olds to teenagers. You can leverage that love into academic engagement.

So much of school work involves sitting, listening, reading, or writing.

LEGO homeschooling activities are hands-on (and appeal to kinesthetic learners).

Not only that, but LEGO bricks are versatile. You can use them in science, math, history, and writing.

Your imagination is your only limitation!

Now, with these 25 ideas for incorporating LEGO bricks into homeschooling, you have many LEGO academic activities to choose from.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

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LEGO Homeschooling Activities

Peruse this list and see that you can use LEGO bricks in practically every subject!


LEGO lends itself well to math activities.

LEGO bricks easily display fractions. Construct a tower of bricks in which one part of the shape is a different color from the rest.

What fraction of the shape is [color of choice]?

Likewise, you can use LEGO bricks to show percentages.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

LEGO bricks are math manipulatives you already own!

You can use LEGO bricks to demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Historical Figures

Create customized LEGO Minifigures to represent historical figures.

This will help your child retain more information about the people they read about in history.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

Architectural Landmarks

Learn about landmarks by constructing LEGO versions of them.

You can buy kits of many iconic landmarks through the LEGO architecture collection.

For example, this one has the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Engineering Principles

You can also explore the engineering principles at work in design.

Create different types of bridges with LEGO bricks to determine which is the most stable.

Spelling Practice

Is your child struggling to spell a particular word?

Have them practice spelling the word by building it from bricks.

Hands-on spelling practice almost always helps retention.

Storytelling Exercises

Build characters and a setting out of LEGO.

Have your child invent a story involving those people and places.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

Physics Experiments and Demonstrations

You can demonstrate various physics principles with LEGO.

Illustrate gravity, construct a pendulum, pulley, or lever, and illustrate motion problems using LEGOs.

Art Projects

Build sculptures of LEGO bricks. You can make mini murals, stationary sculptures, or kinetic sculptures (sculptures that move).

You can assign a prompt or allow time for free expression and creativity.


The basic math concept of sorting is easy to master with LEGO bricks.

You can sort by size or by color.

Pattern Recognition

Build a LEGO tower with patterns, and let your child determine and extend the pattern.


Create LEGO building challenges to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

History Timeline

Visually illustrate a timeline of events out of LEGO.

To represent historical events and eras visually, you can use Minifigure historical figures, flags made of LEGO bricks, and structures.

Character Analysis

Create a customized Minifigure to accompany a written character analysis.

Measurement and Estimation

Practice measurement and estimation skills by building structures with specific dimensions using LEGOs.


Use LEGO bricks and base plates to create a topographical or political map.


Use LEGO stop-motion animation to learn about filmmaking and storytelling.

If you need help getting started, check out this book on making movies with LEGO.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling


LEGO robotics provides hands-on STEM learning.

You can start with an iPad-controlled LEGO robot.

You can also form a team with other homeschoolers to build and program a LEGO Mindstorm robot for FIRST LEGO League competitions.


If you invest in a LEGO Mindstorm robot, you can use it to teach coding concepts.

Letter Recognition

Create a LEGO alphabet for letter recognition.

You can use the letters for early literacy activities.

Learn About Other Cultures

Use LEGO sets to explore different cultures and traditions around the world.

This LEGO Duplo set helps kids learn about Chinese culture.

Lego Architecture kits (such as this one of the London skyline) help kids learn about other places.

You can even learn about history with kits like this Medieval blacksmith shop.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

Spatial Reasoning

Build a LEGO maze for problem-solving and spatial reasoning practice.

Sensory Play and Fine Motor Development

Use LEGO bricks for sensory play and fine motor skill development in early childhood education.

LEGO Scavenger Hunt Review Game

Review content in a fun way by creating a LEGO photo scavenger hunt.

You provide the clues, and they construct the answer (whether it is a person, place, object, word, or number) out of LEGOs.

They photograph their creation before moving on to the next challenge.

You can use this creative review in several subjects.

Collaborative Projects

Do your kids need a lesson in teamwork?

Use LEGO challenges to teach collaboration skills among siblings or peers.

25 Ways to Use LEGOs in Homeschooling

25 LEGO Homeschooling Ideas

As you can see, LEGOs are versatile items that can enhance almost any lesson.

Use them in math, history, science, writing, spelling… Use them everywhere!

Build your child’s academic skills and knowledge brick by brick with these LEGO homeschooling ideas.

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