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Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

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Greet the school day with these engaging and centering morning meeting ideas for elementary students.

Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

What Is a Morning Meeting?

A morning meeting takes place during the first twenty to thirty minutes of the school day.

During that time, the students and teacher gather, greet one another, and participate in group activities.

Morning meetings are not part of any academic subject, although they can integrate academics (more on this later).

They are essentially a warm-up for the school day.

Benefits of Morning Meetings

A morning meeting sets the tone for the day.

It fosters classroom community by creating an environment of respect and engagement.

By positively starting the day, students are more receptive to learning.

Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

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25 Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary Students

These morning meeting ideas are perfect for building community, assisting in social-emotional learning, and integrating academic skills and content.

Greet Your Students

Smile and welcome your students by name.

Promote social interaction by offering handshakes, high-fives, or waves.

Sharing Time

Get to know your students.

Ask your students about their weekend, or allow them to share a particular item from home.

Question or Quote of the Day

Offer a morning message or question of the day for discussion and reflection.

(Need ideas? Try these Inspirational Quotations or Growth Mindset Quotations.)

Calendar Check In

Refer to the classroom calendar to view the date, weather, and upcoming events.

Brain Break Activities

Why do you need a brain break at the start of the day?

This is an ideal time to teach different types of brain breaks, such as stretching, deep breathing exercises, or cardio activities.

Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

Music Activities

Singing a morning song or playing a musical instrument focuses students and lifts the mood.

Teeny-Tiny Storytime

While you don’t have the time to read a long book, you can start the day with a short passage or story read-aloud.

Topical Discussion

Hold a group discussion on a current event or another topic the students enjoy (like their favorite Disney movies).

Practice Mindfulness

By teaching mindfulness activities, you can give students tools to combat stress.

Go over exercises for calming the mind: creative visualization, breathing exercises, and sensory awareness.

Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions are a fun conversation starter for morning meetings.

Do you need some ideas? Check out this list of Would You Rather Questions for students.

Encouraging One Another

Use the morning meeting time to affirm what you see in various students and teach them to do the same with one another.

Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

Goal Setting

Set goals for the day or week. Discuss strategies to achieve them.

You can focus on one strategy per week.

Cooperative Challenges

Cooperative challenges and games are excellent ways to start the day and build classroom community.

Classroom Cheer

Invent a class cheer or class chant to boost morale.

Math or Language Warm-Up

Play a fast and fun math game (nothing too challenging) to warm up to the day and remind students what they have learned.

Student Demos or Presentations

Have students take turns presenting a topic of personal interest to the class.

They could also give a “how-to” presentation.

Art Projects

Begin the day with artistic expression. Draw, paint, or craft together.

You can give a prompt or allow time for free expression.

Movement Activities

Dance or movement will energize and engage students. You can choose songs from your classroom playlist.

Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

Science Demos

Perform a science demo or experiment that highlights a topic you are covering in science.

Go Over Class Expectations

Review classroom rules and expectations in a fun and interactive way. Try Charades, Pictionary, or Taboo-style guessing games.

Virtual Field Trips

Use your multimedia resources to explore a virtual field trip together.

Critical Thinking Puzzles

Walk through critical thinking and logic puzzles as a classroom.

Role Play

Work on social-emotional skills by engaging in role-playing activities to practice social skills and conflict resolution.

Gratitude Circle

Don’t wait for Thanksgiving! Form a gratitude circle where students can express their thanks.

Set Intentions

Do a “mental walk” through the day. What is one thing each student wants to work on for the day?

They can pick a word for the day for themselves, such as patience, listening, focus, or friendship.

Joke for the Day

Start your day with a laugh! Check out these classroom jokes for kids.

Morning Meeting Ideas for Elementary

Ideas for Morning Meetings

These morning meeting ideas will boost classroom morale and set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Your elementary students will love morning meetings, thanks to the creative and interactive morning meeting ideas that you plan!

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