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How to Get Tape Residue Off Whiteboards

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Are you having trouble getting that dreaded tape residue off your whiteboard?

We’ve got the removal methods that work!

How to Get Tape Residue Off Whiteboards

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Dealing with Tape Residue

You thought it would be no big deal.

All you did was hang a few items on your whiteboard with tape.

But when you peeled off the tape, the sticky residue remained.

If you’ve wracked your brain on how to remove tape from whiteboards, rest assured you’ll find your answers here.

How to Remove Tape from Whiteboards

If you haven’t done so already, peel off the tape.

There is no special way to do this where you can avoid leaving tape residue, particularly if the tape has been on the whiteboard for a long time.

So just peel off the tape in one fell swoop and deal with the consequences.

Now you have options.

Some of these options work like a charm but smell horrible.

Others require elbow grease.

A handful of them use household materials you likely have on hand.

How to Get Tape Residue Off Whiteboards

Lemon Oil

Are you into aromatherapy?

Put that lemon oil to a new use.

Rub some oil on the tape residue and let it set.

Then rub it off with a soft cloth or Magic Eraser.


Like lemon oil, WD-40 will remove the stickiness from the tape residue.

It should clump up and wipe away with a little elbow grease.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol will break down the adhesive in the tape residue.

Apply some to a paper towel and blot the sticky patch on your whiteboard.

Then use a putty knife or Magic Eraser to clean the board.

Goo Gone or Goof Off

Both of these products were invented with a single mission in mind: to take the stick out of sticky substances.

Neither smells great, so make sure you have plenty of ventilation when you use a paper towel or cloth to rub away the tape residue (and this may take some elbow grease).

Graffiti Remover

Ask your school custodian if he or she keeps graffiti remover on hand.

It doesn’t just work on paint; graffiti remover also removes tape residue from whiteboards.

How to Get Tape Residue Off Whiteboards

Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover

Although this was originally developed as a way to remove medical adhesive from the skin, it works like a charm on a whiteboard.

This pack of 50 Uni-Solve wipes is both mess free and gentle (it contains aloe vera).


Maybe Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was onto something because Windex has numerous uses.

Add “how to remove tape from whiteboards” to the list!

Hand Sanitizer

Everyone has a bottle of this stuff.

Dab some on your board and use some elbow grease to remove the tape residue.

The alcohol in the sanitizer should break down the adhesive.

Nail Polish Remover

Here is another alcohol-based product that can dissolve the glue in the tape residue.

Razor Blade or Paint Scraper

Sometimes scrubbing with a cloth or a Magic Eraser is just not enough.

When this happens, use a paint scraper or a razor blade.

This is a last-ditch effort, as it can remove the whiteboard coating.

How to Get Tape Residue Off Whiteboards

How to Prevent Tape Residue on Whiteboards

After you have removed the tape residue from your whiteboard, spray a little canola oil or WD-40 on your board and wipe it in.

This will prevent clinging tape residue and marker stains in the future.

You will want to do this about once a month.

If you really want to prevent tape residue, don’t tape anything to your whiteboard, ever.

If you must tape something, use painter’s tape instead of clear tape or masking tape.

And don’t leave the papers on the whiteboard for long.

Removing Tape from Whiteboards

With the right products and a little scrubbing, you can return your whiteboard to a gleaming state.

Keep your go-to product on hand for whenever you need a sticky solution (these solutions also work on windows).

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