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21+ Things Teachers Can Do to Recharge

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Don’t miss a minute of summer!

Try some of these 21+ summer activities for teachers.

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

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Fun Summer Activities for Teachers

You’ve worked hard all year, and you deserve a summer break.

Don’t miss a moment–this is your chance to recharge!

Try some of these summer activities for teachers.

Whether you want to fully unwind or take on a side hustle, you’ll find a host of ideas on this list.

Hobbies for Teachers

During the school year, it is next to impossible to find time for hobbies.

Now that it’s summer, you can try something new.

Relax and unwind with a new and appealing hobby.

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge


We all want to read more; now is your chance.

Think about what you want to read.

Do you love true crime?

Are you engrossed by chick-lit?

Do you want to tackle the classics?

Check out for ideas, or talk to your local librarian for his or her recommendations.

Adult Coloring

Are you a creative person?

Why not twist down the volume on your anxiety and turn up the dial for relaxation?

Buy yourself some primo markers or colored pencils and pick out a beautiful adult coloring book (or adult dot to dot or a drawing tutorial book) or download some free coloring pages here.

You can color while watching TV, listening to an audiobook, or relaxing on your porch.

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Going to the Movies

You may be too tired during the year to stay awake for a whole movie, but now you are on summer hours!

Get an unlimited pass for a local movie theater (even better, talk a few friends into it too) and see all the summer blockbusters.

You could also tackle an at-home movie marathon.

Make this the summer of documentaries, or the summer of Marvel, or the summer of Jane Austen adaptations. 


Engage your brain in a new way: become a puzzler.

Whether you try jigsaw puzzles, word searches, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or Kenken, think your way to a solution (and recharge your mind). 

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Tracing Your Geneology

Learn about your ancestors this summer.

Talk to your relatives, research your genealogy online, and perhaps write a short family history.

Horseback Riding

There is a reason why horses are used as therapy animals; they are calming.

Go on a few trail rides or take some lessons.

It’s easy to be present in the moment when you are on the back of a horse.


If you like the idea of watching plants grow, plant a garden this summer.

If you don’t have the yard space, you can plant a container garden or even an indoor herb garden.

Do you not have a green thumb?

Try planting a wildflower garden or a pollinator garden.

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Cooking New Foods

Cooking when you are exhausted is no fun at all; cooking when you are rested is a totally different experience.

Try some new recipes!

Pick something totally different from your norm: Mediterranean foods, vegan recipes, fresh bread, or bento boxes.

Summer Opportunities for Teachers

Let’s face it.

You may need to earn some extra money this summer.

Try some of these ideas:


You already have the teaching skills.

Why not tutor?

You can work with an established company or strike out on your own.

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Re-Selling Your Stuff

You can organize your home and make some money in the process.

Sell your gently-used clothes and home items for some extra money on eBay, Poshmark, or Facebook Marketplace.

Selling Educational Resources

You know what teachers need. Why not turn some of your materials into cash?

Create and sell your own printables, lesson plans, or teacher items on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Camp Counselor

Work with kids in a different capacity by being a camp counselor.

You can work at a local day camp or try a sleep-away camp (hello summer travel!).

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Freelance Writer

You have expertise and skills you can channel into writing projects.

Find freelance writing gigs on sites like Upwork, iWriter, and TextBroker.

Summer Trips for Teachers

Recharge with travel by taking a summer trip.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to go hiking.

Research state parks and trails in your area, or take an epic adventure. 

You could even try geocaching.

Visiting Museums

Why not take in some culture without 30 kids in tow?

Spend the summer touring various museums.

Become a museum hopper!

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge


Camping is not only an economical travel choice, it’s rejuvenating.

Whether you are into tent camping or glamping, the great outdoors is always the perfect place to unwind.

Seeing a New City

Scour the travel sites for cheap flights to new cities.

You can check out restaurants, shopping, parks, and cultural events.

You may discover hidden gems in places like Milwaukee, Austin, Savannah, and Chicago.

Going on a Road Trip Reunion

Do you love the open road?

Plan a trip!

You can go with family or reunite with old friends. 

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Taking a Cruise

For someone who helps people all year long, a cruise can be a welcome respite.

You don’t have to lift a finger to have an amazing time.

If you have the flexibility in your schedule and live near a port, take advantage of last-minute deals to cruise on the cheap.

Self-Care Activities for Teachers

These self-practices are great ideas 365 days a year, but it’s easier to start them in the summer.

Practicing Yoga

Not only is yoga great for posture, core strength, and flexibility, but it’s also a wonderful way to practice mindfulness.

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Learning About Aromatherapy

Scents can enliven our mood, calm our minds, and provide relief from various ailments.

Experiment with various essential oils to see which ones help you. (You can even add them to your bath!)

Doing a Couch to 5K

Maybe you used to run.

Maybe you have never run.

The summer is the perfect time to gently work your way to a 5K.

You can try various apps to help you: Runkeeper, Couch to 5K, and (humorously) Zombies, Run!

Eating the Rainbow

“You are what you eat.” Turn the page to a healthier you by eating more fruits and vegetables. 

21 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Recharge

Finding a Happy Place

Find a place that makes you happy (make it local–Hawaii is too far away).

This could be a comfy chair in your living room, your local coffee shop, or a bench under a tree at your local park.

Make a point of going to your happy place this summer.

Relaxing Summer Activities for Teachers

This summer is your time.

Relax, recharge, and refresh yourself this summer with some of these summer activities for teachers.

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