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Christmas Countdown Calendar

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Christmas with kids is always an exciting time.

It’s full of magic, wonder, and special traditions that you want to keep going forever.

For my family, a Christmas Countdown Calendar is a super simple way to keep the excitement going all month long. 

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Christmas Countdown Ideas

This Christmas Countdown is the perfect activity to deck the halls with balls of holly, see the stoplights dressed in holiday style, and do all the things to have a jolly Christmas! 

Activities like the traditional holiday baking of cookies (these Peppermint cookies are my very favorite!), decorating the Christmas tree, and singing all the holiday songs that you can remember are always a good bet.  

This DIY Christmas Calendar is another fun way to bring that holiday spirit into the home and keep the anticipation building day by day.

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Free Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar for Kids

Using the Christmas Countdown Calendar

I like to place the countdown somewhere visible so it can double as a decoration for our home.

Some years I have hung it in the kitchen for a fun morning tradition before we started our homeschool lessons.

Other years it was in the living room hanging by our stockings.

If you have a fireplace it could even go on the mantel. 

The idea is to keep it somewhere visible so that everyone is excited.

You can also choose whether to use it in the morning or in the evening at bedtime.

My kids always preferred doing it in the morning, but maybe bedtime, after reading a Christmas book, would work best for your family.

There really is no right or wrong.

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Another benefit of placing this activity somewhere visible?

You can refer to it anytime whenever someone wants to know how many days there are until Christmas.

All you have to say is “check the countdown!” and they’ll be gaining a bit of independence as they seek out the information on their own.

DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar for Kids

DIY Christmas Countdown

What you need:

  • A Christmas Countdown Printable (You can download the one pictured in this article for free in our Freebies Library!)
  • An 8×11 Picture Frame with Glass
  • A Dry Erase Marker


  1. Print off the Christmas Countdown Printable
  2. Place it into the frame
  3. Each day for the month of December, draw a circle with the Dry Erase Marker around the correct number of days left until Christmas.
DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar Printable

That’s it!

Super simple and so perfect for the holidays.

It’s cute, cost-effective, and can answer one of the most popular questions that Moms hear during the holiday season. 

Have fun with it and let me know in the comments what your favorite Christmas traditions are!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.