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Early Reader: My Book of Feelings

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You may not remember, but when you are young it can be pretty difficult to put words to your emotions.

This free, early reader book is a feelings themed activity book that gives a name to basic emotions for your preschooler.

Preschool Early Reader Book - My Book of Feelings, a Printable Preschool Early Reader Book to Help Kids Learn to Read and Discuss Big Emotions and Feelings - Free at

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If your child is getting to an age that they are beginning to read, they are probably also beginning to develop the social skill of at least recognizing the emotions of other people.

Whether your child is struggling with finding words to describe their emotions or those of others, a free printable like this one is a great way to help them learn those words.


This book is entirely free to download, so once you’ve done so print it on standard 8.5”x11” printer paper.

It will take six pages to print the entire book, so make sure to print one copy per number of books you need. When the book is printed, you will need to cut along the black lines on each page.

Stack the pages in order, so that the page on the top is the title page, “My Book of Feelings”.

There are a few ways that you can set it up from here, depending on how you want the bind of the book to be.

  • First way — To create your bind, simply staple the book on the top or left side, stapling two times, a few inches apart.
  • Second way — Use a hole punch on the top or left side, spacing the hole punches a few inches apart. Using a piece of string or yarn, pull it through one hole and tie a knot. Do the same for the second hole.

Either way you have bound the book, your child can now turn the pages without the book falling apart.

Free Early Reader for Preschool - My Book of Feelings -


Teachers or parents that are homeschooling may be preparing a unit on feelings for their preschoolers.

Incorporate this feelings book to go along with the unit theme.

You may even want to combine this printable with other books or activities about emotions to strengthen the lesson plan.

In the classroom, during homeschool, or in a moment you feel this would best suit your child, My Book of Feelings is an effective and non-threatening way for children to learn and open up about their own feelings.

Below are a few materials that can be used with this book.

  • Washable markers
  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils
Free Printable Early Preschool Reader Book - My Book of Feelings helps start the conversation about feelings and emotions and how kids can handle them. Find it for free at

Download Your Copy of the Early Reader

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We can’t wait to see how your children feel about this book!

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