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Fun Facts About Mississippi

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Are you curious about Mississippi? 

Take a look at these fun facts about Mississippi.

In 1817, Mississippi was the 20th state to join the union. 

The Chippewa Indians gave the name Mississippi to the river, which then became the name of the state. 

Mississippi has both water and land surrounding it. 

The Mississippi River, Arkansas, and Louisiana are to the west of the state. 

Louisiana also borders the south side of Mississippi with the Gulf of Mexico. 

Along the eastern part of the state is Alabama and to the north is Tennessee.  

Fun Facts About Mississipi

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Discover some more fun facts about the state of Mississippi!

Mississippi State Facts for Kids

Mississippi Has Two Geographical Regions

The Delta Plain and the Gulf Coastal Plain make up Mississippi state. 

The Delta starts at the Mississippi river and stretches across the north over to the eastern border. 

This region is a floodplain with extremely deep fertile soil that is great for farming. 

The Gulf Plain makes up most of Mississippi and includes clay hills and forest, as well as coastal beaches and bayous.      

Forest Land Covers More than Half of Mississippi

Did you know that 65 percent of Mississippi’s land is covered with trees? 

That is about 19.5 million acres of forest growing across the state! 

Because of this, wood is one of Mississippi’s biggest natural resources.

Hickory and oak are two common types of trees that grow in the state. 

The wood from these trees helps to make items like strong furniture, durable flooring, and more. 

Fun Facts About Mississipi

Mississippi is Home to the Catfish Capital

Belzoni, Mississippi is the catfish capital of the world. 

More farm-raised catfish are produced here than any other place in the US. 

To honor all things catfish, the World Catfish Festival happens every spring in Belzoni. 

This unique celebration features a catfish eating contest, the world’s biggest fish fry, and the crowning of both the Catfish Queen and Little Miss Catfish. 

Along with music, entertainment and other catfish-inspired activities, this festival seems like a lot of fun! 


Blues Music was Born in Mississippi

The iconic music known as blues began in the Mississippi Delta! 

Alternatively called the Delta Blues, it is one of the earliest styles of country blues music that involves a soloist with bottleneck guitar playing. 

Famous blues musicians that you may have heard of include B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, and Little Freddie King.

Fun Facts About Mississipi

Mississippi is Famous for its Mud Pie

Mud pie is the official dessert of Mississippi. 

While the name doesn’t reflect how tasty this state treat is, it is a must-have for locals and visitors, alike. 

This melt-in-your-mouth pie includes ingredients such as rich creamy chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, and more in a crispy cookie crust. 


Fun Mississippi State Facts

The deep south state of Mississippi is a special place with many fun facts that make it truly unique. 

With its incredible natural resources, its extraordinary celebration of catfish, a love of blues music, and its delicious mud pie, Mississippi is full of wonderful historical and cultural tidbits.  

Did you learn anything new about the great state of Mississippi? 

Let us know!

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