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Fun Facts About Sloths

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Curious about sloths? 

We are too! 

Join us as we learn some fun facts about sloths!

Sloths are mammals that love to live in the treetops. 

One very unique feature about sloths is that they move very slowly. 

Their slow movements allow them to conserve energy. 

In one day, sloths may move no more than 125 feet. 

And if they are crawling at ground level, it takes them about a minute to go just twelve inches. 

They are, in fact, the slowest mammal on the planet! 


Sloths are really interesting creatures!  

Take a look at some of these other fun sloth facts!

Fun Facts About Sloths

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Interesting Facts About Sloths

There are Two Types of Sloths

Sloths can be categorized as either two-toed or three-toed. 

While all sloths have three toes or claws on the back limbs, the difference is on their front limbs. 

Two-toed sloths only have two claws on their front limbs. 

Can you guess how many toes or claws are on the front limbs of a three-toed sloth? 

Yup, you guessed it! 



Sloths Like to Hang Upside Down

Sloths are made to hang upside down. 

Their internal organs, such as the heart and the liver, are arranged in a way that makes living upside down possible. 

In fact, sloths actually spend about 90% of their lives just hanging around upside down!

Once Upon a Time, there were Giant Sloths

Giant ground sloths, which are now extinct, lived before their smaller tree swinging relatives that we know of today. 

The largest ground sloth was said to be almost 20 feet long, as big as an elephant! 

That is giant!  

Fun Facts About Sloths

Sloths are Herbivores 

Favorite sloth foods include leaves, buds, and tender stalks. 

The fact that they love to eat plants makes them herbivores. 

They don’t need a lot to satisfy their hunger, but what they do munch on takes a long time to digest. 

Did you know that it can take up to a month for a sloth to digest a single leaf? 

Sloths are not only slow movers, but slow digesters, as well!


Sloths have a rare eye condition called rod monochromacy. 

This means that they can’t see in color because they don’t have cone cells in their eyes. 

This also means that they can only see a little bit in dim light, and not at all during the day. 

To make up for their blindness, sloths have super-smelling powers and a great memory. 

This helps them to get around without being able to see so well.

Just because sloths can’t see in color, doesn’t mean you can’t color a sloth! Check out these fun and free sloth coloring pages!

Swimming is a Favorite Sloth Activity

Even though sloths are slow on land, they can really get going in the water. 

Swimming sloths can move about three times faster in the water than on land. 

Another fun fact about sloths is that they can hold their breath for a really long time. 

A sloth can hold their breath for about 40 minutes! 

Now that is impressive!

Fun Facts About Sloths

Sloth Facts for Kids

Sloths are extraordinary, slow moving tree dwellers that can be found living in the tropical forests of Central and South America. 

Spending much of their life hanging around and sleeping, sloths have quite a few one-of-a-kind characteristics that really make them special. 

Don’t you agree? 

What was your most favorite fun fact about sloths?

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