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Fun Facts About Vermont

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Do you want to discover Vermont? 

Let’s learn some fun facts about this great state!

The name Vermont comes from the French words “vert mont”, which means green mountain. 

This is very fitting considering the state is covered with beautiful natural forest landscapes and breathtaking mountains. 

Vermont is even called the Green Mountain State. 

There are thousands of acres of mountainous lands and flowing waterways that are great for hiking, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. 

It’s no wonder that Vermont is a favorite place for nature lovers. 

Fun Facts About Vermont

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Keep reading to discover some more interesting tidbits about the state of Vermont.

Kid Facts About Vermont

Vermont Used to be its Own Country

In 1777, the Vermont Republic was founded making Vermont its very own country for a time. 

It had its own post office and it also had its own currency called Vermont coppers. 

How cool is that? 

However, in 1791, Vermont became the 14th state to join the union and was no longer on its own.  

Vermont is the Home of Maple Syrup

The largest maple syrup producer in the United States is the great state of Vermont. 

Over 500,000 gallons of maple syrup every year come from Vermont. 

Maple syrup makers tap the Maple trees in the early spring to begin syrup production. 

Did you know that it takes a whole 40 gallons of maple sap just to make 1 gallon of maple syrup? 

That is a large amount of maple sap!

Fun Facts About Vermont

Vermont Has A Lot of Cows

There are so many cows in Vermont that some even say there are more cows living in the state than there are people. 

While this is most definitely not true, Vermont does have a lot of cows. 

In fact, there is one cow for just about every four people, which is the highest ratio of cows to people in the nation!  

There are No Billboards in Vermont

Vermont has made it illegal to advertise with billboards in order to preserve the state’s natural beauty. 

Vermont is actually one of four states to enforce this law. 

The other states that have banned billboards include Maine, Alaska, and Hawaii.  

Vermont Does Not Have Any Skyscrapers

There are no skyscrapers in the state of Vermont. 

The tallest building, named Decker Towers, is eleven stories high and 124 feet tall. 

Compared to other states, Vermont is home to many short buildings, and there is not a single skyscraper in sight.

Fun Facts About Vermont

Vermont is a Happy State

It’s a fact that people who live in the state of Vermont are very happy. 

In 2013, Vermont residents were voted as the fifth happiest people in the USA. 


The World’s Largest Grilled Cheese was Made in Vermont

The largest grilled cheese in the world was made by Cabot Creamery in 2000. 

The 320-pound sandwich was 10.5 x 5 feet wide and 2.5 inches tall. 

Now that is a massive grilled cheese!

Fun Facts About Vermont

Interesting Facts About Vermont

It’s a fact that the natural beauty of Vermont is breathtaking. 

With its lush forests, flowing waters, and rural lands, the state of Vermont is a popular place to be. 

Have you ever been to Vermont?

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