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11 Math Board Games for Kids

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Want to make math more fun?

These math board games for kids are a great way to do it!

11 Best Math Board Games for Kids

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Math Board Games (and Card Games!)

When I was teaching in the classroom, Friday was our favorite day of all in math – despite the weekly quizzes!

After the students completed their weekly skills quiz, they would then have the opportunity to play a math board game or card game.

Not only did the games help reinforce some of the basic math skills that we were working on, but they also made math class more fun.

So, when we started homeschooling I kept that “Fun Friday” tradition and used math games as a reward for a week of hard work.

The kids loved it and, let’s be honest, it gave me 15-minutes to grab a cup of coffee.

The Best Math Board Games for Kids

While we have used many math games over the years, the list below is some of our very favorites.

They are engaging, make the kids happy, and help reinforce skills and concepts.

Two of the best things about these games?

They’re not too pricey and can be played by kids of all ages so you can use them if you’re homeschooling multiple children or teaching combination classes.

Math Board Games for Kids That They Will Love -

I’ve included affiliate links to the games which means that if you decide to order one for your family or classroom, I’ll receive a small commission.

Math board games (and card games!) kids will love

And in no particular order, here are 11 of our favorite math board games for kids!

Prime Climb

So many math games are for younger students, but Prime Climb is perfect for your middle and high school students.

It reinforced multiplication, division, prime numbers, and factorization.

It’s super fun to play and it is easy to figure out.

Pay Day

If you have kids who love money (*raising hand*), Pay Day is sure to be a math game favorite.

It’s a classic game that is perfect for working on addition, subtraction, and money concepts.


Mental math won’t know what hit it when you break out the card game Proof!

This math game is designed to help children increase their mental math skills and improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square root knowledge.


I have always been a Monopoly fan.

I think living close to Atlantic City made the game even more fun.

My kids and students always love playing it because they like to rack up the dollars!

This classic board game is truly one of the best math board games for kids because it teaches them about money, adding, subtracting, percentages, and so much more.

It is a must-have for any math game shelf!

Chutes and Ladders

Remember Chutes and Ladders from when your children were little?

It’s also a fun game to play as they get older!

Not only do they start reminiscing about playing it years ago, but it’s a good way to incorporate a bit of math without going overboard.

Math Board Games for Kids That They'll Love Playing -


I’ll admit it, I was never really a Yahtzee fan when I first started teaching.

I only grabbed it one day because I needed something quick and low-prep.

Years later, Yahtzee is now a family-favorite.

Strategy and addition are key which makes the game of chance anyone’s game!

Zingo Number Bingo

In addition to number recognition, this unique version of BINGO requires kids to count and match words to numbers.

Zingo Number Bingo is perfect for little learners, but older kids would be happy to play it too.

After all, it’s BINGO!

Race to Planet X

PreK, Kindergarteners, and First graders alike will all have a blast with Race to Planet X!

It’s a fun space-themed math board game that helps them refine their addition and subtraction skills.

Math Dice

Math Dice is one of those games that you think will be too simple and won’t hold children’s attention for long – but that’s the complete opposite of how the game actually is.

It’s easy to play and, more importantly, easy for kids to pick up and understand.

The fact that it practices math facts is icing on the cake!


Need practice with those multiplication skills?

Multi-Clash is a fun math board game that gives kids practice with their multiplication tables.

It’s great for third grade and up!


Just like its name implies, Qwixx is a quick math game to play!

There’s very little time between turns, but it involves a lot of strategy and critical thinking.

I love it because it makes kids identify numbers and be able to count the markings on a die.

What are some of your favorite math games for kids?

Share them with us in the comments below!

We love learning about new games!

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