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35+ Free Digital Escape Rooms

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Board games, card games, and coloring are all super fun, but can certainly run their course for kids of any age.

Not to mention, with the global pandemic we are in, keeping your kids entertained at home 24/7 may be proving difficult.

Even if you are reading this post-pandemic, it can still be hard to find engaging entertainment for your little ones.

Load one of these FREE Digital Escape Rooms to bring some well-deserved amusement to your home or classroom!

20+ Free Digital Escape Rooms for Home or School -


Your immediate thought might be, “What in the world is a Digital Escape Room?”

Escape Rooms are traditionally a physical “locked” room in which there are clues on how to escape.

You need to solve each clue or problem that is presented in order to move onto the next clue, which, when you’ve solved enough, will eventually allow you to leave the room.

Now, imagine this scenario but in a virtual setting. 

A digital escape room, like the ones described below, will give you a short story in reference to the theme.

As you click through the prompts they give you, there will come a time when you need to solve a problem or a clue in order to click to the next prompt.

Just as in real life, you won’t be able to “escape” until all the clues have been solved. 


Other than using these escape rooms to entertain you and your kids when stuck inside because of a global pandemic or simply a rainy day, there are plenty of other reasons to use them.

Escape rooms, in general, all help build an individual’s problem-solving skills. Depending on your child’s age, these escape rooms could serve as a great educational tool. 

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You can make virtual escape rooms into a race amongst friends or within your family by pulling the digital escape room up on two separate devices.

After starting at the same time, you or your team will try to finish as fast as you can before the other team does.

You can do this in person or through video chat! This method is great while practicing social distancing or if one of your friends lives terribly far away. 

20+ Free Digital Escape Rooms for School and Home -

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Please note that the answer keys to the escape rooms are not available unless they have an asterisk next to their name.

I’m not hoarding them; I simply don’t have them. =)

If you are interested in using them with your students, I strongly suggest that you complete the escape room prior to assigning it. Have fun playing!!

*Answer Keys are found in the Freebies Library. If you’re not already a member, you can sign-up (for free!) at the end of this article.


Check out these NEW additions to the list below:


Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

In this digital escape room you take the role of John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s killer.

Work through the clues to discover Booth’s motives and uncover the reasons why he felt he had to do what he did.

Difficulty: HARD – No Answer Key Available

Alice in Wonderland Digital Escape Room

Fall down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland-themed escape room.

It’s described as being for all ages, but it may be best to work with your kids on this one if they are below ten years old. 

No Answer Key Available

American Revolution: The British are Coming

Choose your side and start your adventure!

This history-based digital escape room offers two different versions – the Loyalists or the Patriots – and explores the basis of the American Revolutionary War.

It’s ideal for upper elementary and middle school students who are studying US History.

No Answer Key Available

Animal Adventure

The animals are loose! Can you help the zookeeper round up the animals that have escaped and return them to their home at the zoo?

This digital escape room is great for lower and middle elementary grades.

No Answer Key Available

Asteroid Collision!

There’s an asteroid that is set to hit your space station and you’ve lost the codes to the secret lab where the tool you’ve been working on that destroys asteroids is at!

You have 45 minutes to crack the code to your lab before the space station is hit!

No Answer Key Available

Brain Teasers*

Test your ability to solve brain teasers with this digital escape room that’s perfect for beginners.

It’s best for students in grades 4-8 or if parents are completing it with their kids.

Difficulty: Easy; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Camouflage Caper

Use your best detective skills to find the animals hiding using their camouflage colors.

Can you find them all before it’s too late? This escape room is perfect for lower and middle elementary grades.

No Answer Key Available

Cinderella’s Escape

Cinderella is waiting for your help to escape her evil stepmother so that she can dance her heart away at the ball!

Cinderella’s Escape is most appropriate for tweens and up.

However, an early elementary age child could absolutely work through this escape room with help from an adult.

Hopefully, Cinderella will meet the Prince…

No Answer Key Available

Civil War Digital Escape Room

As stated above, these escape rooms can be used as educational tools as well!

In this Civil War-themed escape room, you must solve the clues given in order to escape the American Civil War!

This escape room is best for 8th graders and up. 
No Answer Key Available

20+ Free Digital Escape Rooms for Elementary and Middle School -

Decimals Addition & Subtraction Escape Room*

Give your students practice with adding and subtracting decimals with this free virtual escape room!

It’s great for students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

There is addition with regrouping and subtraction with borrowing in this escape room.

There are 20 questions.

A free student answer sheet and the teacher answers are in the Freebies Library here at

Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Decimals Multiplication Escape Room*

Are your students needing more practice with decimal multiplication?

This virtual escape room has them solving problems to discover the secret word at the end.

There are free student answer sheets and a teacher answer key in the Freebies Library here at Mama Teaches for you to download.

This escape room is best for students in 4-6th grades.

Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Decimals Place Value Escape Room*

Before moving on to more complex math problems with decimals, make sure your students understand decimal place values.

This escape room features 20 problems and asks students to identify place values from tenths to millionths.

It’s great practice and review for your upper elementary students.

There are free answer sheets and an answer key for this escape room in the Freebies Library here at

Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Dog Man Digital Escape Room

Scholastic superhero, Dog Man, found himself in this Escape Room!

Dog Man books by Dav Pilkey are recommended for kids ages 6+.

For an Escape Room like this one, younger kids should be joined by an adult to help them with more difficult clues. 

No Answer Key Available

Dr. Seuss

Oh, the places you’ll go with this Dr. Seuss-inspired escape room!

You’ll need to work through five fairly difficult clues. Work as a team or individually.

There isn’t an age restriction on this escape room, but it may be better for young kids to be accompanied by a parent or older sibling!

No Answer Key Available

Escape from Star Killer Base! (Star Wars)

PEW-PEW-PEW! Stormtroopers are firing their blasters at you! You need to escape from the Star Kill Base, pronto.

The Star Wars-themed escape room has multiple roles to choose from and therefore is intended more for a group, but can be played alone. (You’ll just play all the roles!)

You can try out this escape room at any age! 

No Answer Key Available

Escape the Fairy Tale: Part 1

Goldilocks escaped the three bears home before they arrived back from their walk, but can you?

Get excited about this fairy tale book-themed escape room.

This Escape Room is great for ages 10+, but would still work great for younger crowds if an adult helps them with the more difficult clues. 

No Answer Key Available

Escape the Lion’s Den

You’re on a field trip and get left behind in the lion’s den… Can you escape before the lions come back from their visit to the vet?

Escape the Lion’s Den can be done by 2nd graders and up. 

No Answer Key Available

Famous Americans

Second and third graders are being called upon to save some famous Americans in this digital escape room!

Choose one of the historical figures and solve the clues to help them escape from certain doom.

There are 10 famous Americans to choose from.

No Answer Key Available

Fortnite Reading Comprehension Battle Royale

Have any Fortnite fanatics in your midst? This Fortnite digital scavenger hunt tests your reading comprehension, as well as your knowledge of maneuvering around Fortnite.

It’s super fun for those reluctant readers and kids who are sometimes difficult to engage.

No Answer Key Available

Greater Gator Virtual Escape Room with answer sheets and answer key*

Students practice their greater than, less than, and equal to math skills as they work their way through the escape room.

They are awarded a secret word after completing all of the problems correctly!

The printable answer sheet allows them to jot down their answers so that you can rest assured that they completed the problems.

The answer sheets and a teacher answer key are available in the Freebies Library.

Great for grades 3-5.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Halloween Mini Digital Escape Room with answer key*

There’s nothing spooky about this free digital Halloween escape room!

This one is created by us here at Mama Teaches so that means that the answer key is available in our Freebies Library!

Great for grades 3-5; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Halloween Haunt Digital Escape Room

Hurry and solve the clues before the clock strikes midnight!

This Halloween-themed digital escape room is perfect for upper elementary and middle school grades. 

No Answer Key Available

Harry Potter Digital Escape from Hogwarts

Transform yourself into a first-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with this Harry Potter-inspired digital escape room.

This escape room is a great escape into the magical world for any young witch or wizard, but can certainly be enjoyed at any age.

No Answer Key Available

25+ Free Digital Escape Rooms for Distance Learning - Perfect for use at home or at school! They're great for distance learning too!!

Hunger Games

Compete in a game of life or death: The Hunger Games throws you a few curveballs.

Do you think you’re up for the test?

This digital escape room incorporates literary elements and figurative language in its clues, so put on your thinking caps to solve these problems. 

No Answer Key Available

Looney Tunes Escape

The Looney Tunes world comes alive on your screen as you unravel the puzzling problems.

Complete all the tasks and crack the codes to unlock the digital doors. Enjoy this virtual escape room at any age.

No Answer Key Available

Marvel’s Avengers Superheroes: Escape from the Hydra Base!

You and your team must uncode the location of a world-ending doomsday device before undercover Hydra agents use it for evil!

Anyone at any age will find this Marvel’s Avengers escape room fun. For little ones, it’s suggested an adult or older sibling join them in solving the clues.

No Answer Key Available

Native Americans

Can you help the Native Americans?

Choose your tribe, research the clues, and solve the puzzles to help them escape! 

No Answer Key Available

Pikachu’s Rescue

Oh no, Pikachu has suddenly disappeared!

Can you or your team solve the mystery of Pikachu’s disappearance?

This challenge is best for ages 6+. 

No Answer Key Available

Place Value Virtual Escape Room*

Give your students practice identifying numbers in the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place values!

This free escape room is a original and comes with a FREE answer sheet for students and an answer key for teachers.

There’s also a Special Word included at the end of the escape room so you can be assured that your students completed it correctly!

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Regrouping Race Math Virtual Escape Room*

Practice makes progress and when it comes to addition with regrouping, your students need plenty of it!

This math virtual escape room makes addition with regrouping fun!

It’s a original and comes with a FREE answer sheet for students and an answer key for teachers.

The special word at the end of the escape room helps you check to make sure your students have completed it all the way through!

Difficulty: Moderate; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Rescue the Revolution

History fans, rejoice! This American Revolution-based digital escape room calls for all hands on deck as colonists (that’s you!) race to find the key to winning the Revolutionary War.

Will you save the country?

No Answer Key Available

Save Sports! Math Digital Escape Room*

The school’s sports teams are in jeopardy! Can you help solve the clues and save the sports program?

This free digital escape room is geared toward grades 3-5 and includes multiplication, addition, subtraction, and even a directional clue.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Sherlock Holmes Digital Escape Room

Can your detective skills hold up in this Sherlock Holmes digital escape room?

Brought to you by Sherlock the Musical, a detective at any age could solve these mysteries.

It’s recommended that you have a pen and paper on hand to help you with the clues. 

No Answer Key Available

Smurfs Escape!

Gargamel has captured the Smurfs! Help them unlock Gargamel’s trap by answering all the puzzles before the evil giant comes back.

Whether you’re in second grade having a parent’s help or you’re an adult who loves a challenge, the Smurfs could use your help. 

No Answer Key Available

Spy Apprentice Adventure

Travel the world as a Spy Apprentice, solving clues and mysteries.

As the clues are a bit difficult, this escape room would be more appropriate for teens or adults looking for tricky problems to work on. 

No Answer Key Available

States of Matter

This science escape room focuses on all things states of matter related.

It’s great for grades 3-5 and ties in perfectly with your science unit studies.

Can you solve the clues and uncover the states of matter?

No Answer Key Available

The Stormy Night Parts of Speech Virtual Escape Room*

Give your students practice identifying nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives with this 20-lock free virtual escape room!

It’s a great center for language arts, to use as homework, or for fun for your early finishers.

The free answer sheet and answer key are in the Freebies Library!

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room*

Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with a bit of digital math and language arts review in this free Thanksgiving digital escape room!

This one is created and maintained by us!

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Winter Word Problems*

Do your students need practice with their multiplication and division word problems?

If so, this winter-themed virtual escape room is the perfect answer.

There is no mention of holidays in the questions, so it’s generic enough to use throughout the winter months!

Since we created this one, the answer key is in the Freebies Library.

Difficulty: Moderate; Answer Key in the Freebies Library

Virtual Escape Room Fun

Each of the escape rooms above can give you between ten and thirty minutes of challenging clues. Grab your kids, a friend, some family, and get to problem-solving!

We hope that you find a few digital escape rooms that strike your fancy during this time being stuck at home.

Tag us on Instagram @MamaTeaches when you escape one of these fantastic virtual worlds. 

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