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The Best Outdoor Games for Families

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It’s time to lather on the sunscreen and head to the backyard for some of the best (and silliest!) outdoor games for families!

Warmer temperatures mean now is the time to be intentional about enjoying some outdoor family fun!

Spending time in the backyard or the neighborhood playing and hanging out is even better when you add some friendly competition.

The Best Outdoor Games for Families

Or, if you’re heading off for an outdoor meal, try some fun picnic games for kids to make things even more exciting!

We have put together a list of unique outdoor games that will keep everyone active and engaged.

Be sure to shop early because this list is packed full of great ideas that are sure to sell out quickly. 

This article contains affiliate links to things that you might like.

Fun Outdoor Games for Families

Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

Playing the regular-sized Jenga is already fun and exciting but it’s even better when you take on the jumbo version!

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower is complete with 54 giant blocks, a dry-erase board (for customizing and adding fun rules), and a heavy-duty carrying case.

The tower stacks up to five feet tall and is sure to make family time a blast!

Ultra Star Sport Disc

Frisbee is an all-time favorite classic game. Both adults and kids (even the pets) can have fun with it.

Pro Tip: Order a few extra discs so you can keep one in the car or by the pool for an impromptu game of frisbee wherever you go.

Outdoor Lawn Games

Order a set of these outdoor lawn games and you’ll soon be hosting your own mini summer Olympics right in the backyard.

Each set includes four Potato Sack Race Bags, four Egg and Spoon Race Games and 2-Legged Relay Race Bands.

The potato sack races are our favorite!


Chess House Premium Giant Chess Set

If your family enjoys a good game of chess or always wanted to learn, now is the time to order this fabulous outdoor set.

Take your classic and competitive chess game to a whole new level by using giant oversized chess pieces.

Chess House offers a complete set of 32 premium huge chess pieces with a 25in large King chess piece.

The chess pieces are lightweight, durable, and tough.

You can play with them outside, rain or shine.

Chess in the rain, anyone?

GIGANTAGRAMS Ultimate Word Game

Expand your vocabulary, have fun outside, and learn new words with your family and friends this summer.

GIGANTRAMS Ultimate Word Game is an educational game you can easily play in your backyard.

Think Scrabble tiles on steroids!

It comes with a giant storage bag and 146 wooden tiles that measure 4″ x 4″ each.

No one will ever know that while they are having fun with this word game, they are actually learning too.

Wooden Numbered Block Tossing Set

The entire family will have a great time playing with this outdoor number block tossing game.

It’s like a bowling game, but instead of using a ball, you’ll use a throwing baton to take down the numbered pins.

The first player to reach exactly 50 points will win the game.

It’s not only a game of skill but you need a little luck, too.

Giant Yard Pong

You are going to have a blast with friends and family as soon as you set up this Yard Pong game.

Set up this giant pong game anywhere, even in the pool!

It’s convenient, portable, and lightweight.

Also known as Bucketball, this set comes with twelve durable red buckets, two tailgate balls, two bucket pong balls, two inflatable racks, two hybrid balls, a tote bag and an instruction manual.

Order now, before they’re all sold out!

This is an outdoor game that even your teenagers will love!


Slammo Game

Want an engaging game that will encourage teamwork?

Slammo is like a two on two volleyball game with a twist.

Each team will take turns in spiking (only three spikes allowed or you’ll lose the game) the ball back to the net.

Each set of this exciting outdoor game includes one Slammo target, two competition-size balls, a training ball, a travel carrying case, and a game manual.

Kids and teens love this one!

Trampoline and Enclosure

Still don’t have a trampoline set up in your backyard?

It’s a great way to ensure everyone enjoys some active backyard fun.

This trampoline is rated for kids, teens and adults.

Trampolines were sold out everywhere last year, so order today so you don’t miss out.

Giant Checkers & Tic Tac Toe Game

Miss playing Tic Tac Toe?

Teach the kids the classic game we all love with a giant 4ft x 4ft reversible game mat. 

Not only can you play Tic Tac Toe, you can enjoy an old-fashioned game of checkers, too.

Simply rearrange the squares and pick your favorite game to play. 

It’s a 2-in-1 game!

Rapid-Fill Water Balloons

There’s nothing more fun (and more affordable) than a good water balloon fight!

It’s a refreshing water game that every kid (and adult) has on their summer bucket list.

I can guarantee you that once you order Bunch O Balloons you will never use regular water balloons again.

They’re so easy to fill, even the kids can do it.

Stock up so the whole family can enjoy the fun all summer long.


Wooden Yard Dice Game

Giant dice for Yahtzee?

Everyone will surely love to participate in the game.

The goal of this game is for the players to get the highest score by rolling the five giant dice.

Premium Cornhole Set

Cornhole is another classic outdoor game you won’t want to miss playing this summer.

The game mechanics are simple.

Players will have to toss the bean bags into the opposite hole and score enough points to win the game.

Perfect family fun for all ages.

28-Piece Outdoor Domino Set

Take this domino game outside and play using a big set of jumbo dominos.

Triumph Sports Store offers a 28-piece wooden domino set with each domino measuring 3.5″ x 7″ x .5″. The game’s convenient carrying case means you can take dominoes wherever you go.

Kubb Yard Game

Everyone needs to learn to play Kubb! 

It is a competitive toss game you can play in the backyard with your family and friends.

Play with a few or form teams to enjoy some competitive outdoor fun.

Each set includes ten Kubb blocks, six Kubb tossing batons, four corner stakes, one King Kubb, a rule brochure and a convenient zipper bag.

Outdoor Games for Kids, Teenagers, and Families

Whether you want to bring life to your backyard, take some games to the local park for an afternoon of fun, or just need something to do during the dog days of summer, these fun outdoor games for families, kids, and teenagers are the perfect bet!

Happy summer, friends!

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