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Self-Esteem Activities for Kids

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Want to help your child or students boost their self-esteem?

These self-esteem activities for kids can help!

Self-Esteem Activities for Kids

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Self esteem activities

Self-esteem is having confidence in yourself and your abilities; believing in yourself. 

Most of us have struggled with seeing ourselves in a positive light at various times in our lives. 

As adults, we have learned ways to build ourselves up, keep going, and move forward. 

For children, it can be more of a challenge to create a positive self-image. 

How do we help our kids develop self-confidence? 

What are some methods that we can show our children to build up their sense of self? 

There are a few types of activities that can help children strengthen their self-esteem. 

Here are three confidence-building exercises that are ideal for children of all ages.

Confidence building activities


Visualization is a wonderful meditative tool to help build up self-esteem. 

By mentally picturing positive statements, interactions, and outcomes, children are able to develop a strengthened sense of self. 

Visualization is a practice that can be done easily and without any supplies. 

To start, encourage children to find a quiet space that they are comfortable in.  

Have them close their eyes and think about calm, peaceful thoughts. 

If they need a little more direction in this process, using guided imagery may help. 

Guided imagery uses a storyline to set the stage for visualization. 

By helping children to imagine different scenarios, they will be able to envision positive outcomes unique to their own life situations. 

In addition, visualization can be paired with calming breathing techniques and gentle sounds. 

This can help to improve the effects of visualization that are key to building self-confidence.         

Self-Esteem Activities for Kids


Yoga is an amazing practice that focuses on the self. 

By participating in yoga, children not only strengthen their minds, but their bodies, as well. 

Yoga helps to release endorphins, which gives them that “feel good” sensation. 

Yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety, while boosting self-esteem and is perfect for all ages.

Yoga is a combination of movements, breathwork, and meditations.  Introduce yoga to kids by showing them one of these aspects at a time. 

Practice a sequence of movements to get the day started. 

Teach children a few breathing techniques to lift their mood or de-stress. 

Recite a calming mantra as a nighttime relaxer. 

Keep kids interested by making yoga fun, entertaining, and spontaneous.       

Self-Esteem Activities for Kids


Positive affirmations are a great way for children to develop a strong sense of self. 

They can help to improve their well-being, boost self-confidence, and inspire creative thinking.    

Getting started with positive affirmations is simple.  

Introduce affirmations to your kids by looking at them and saying something positive. 

For example, “You matter.” Or “You are loved.” 

Encourage children to do their own affirmations with fun activities such as an affirmation board, a gratitude journal, or an affirmation box. 

An affirmation board is a fun way to begin affirmations. 

Create an affirmation board by drawing or finding pictures to be displayed. 

The images should illustrate positive values, goals, and achievements. 

A gratitude journal is another wonderful affirmation activity. 

It is a great way for kids to focus on the positive aspects of their life by writing down good thoughts, drawing inspiring ideas, or using pictures that portray their hopes and wishes. 

An affirmation box is also a good idea for affirmation beginners. 

It is easy to create, as well. 

Simply use an empty tissue box, write down affirmations, and put them in the box.

Self-Esteem Activities for Kids

Self Esteem activities for elementary students and beyond

Activities that remind children of their abilities and strengths are key to building their self-esteem. 

With the use of visualization techniques, yoga routines, and affirmation practices, children will begin to recognize that having confidence in themselves and their actions are important factors to living happy and healthy lives. 

What are some of your favorite self esteem activities for kids?

Share them with us below!

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