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Fun Halloween Games for Kids

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Halloween is around the corner and it is time to prepare for your Halloween party with these fun Halloween Games for Kids!

Easy Halloween Games for Kids

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fun Halloween Games

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning for the party!

You have the Halloween snacks, but now you need some fun Halloween games for kids.

Here are just a few ideas for some Halloween-themed games and activities that everyone will love, Your kids will especially have a great time and this year’s Halloween celebration will be one you never forget!

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easy Halloween Games for kids

Halloween Eyeball Bounce

All you need for this game is a few ping pong balls and plastic pumpkin baskets.

Paper cups will work if you don’t have any pumpkin baskets on hand.

The ping pong balls could be decorated like bloodshot eyes or even be glow in the dark for extra fun!

This game works best on a wooden or hard floor.

Place the plastic pumpkin in the center of the room.

Every child gets a ping pong ball and tries to bounce it into the pumpkin.

Prizes can be given to everyone that makes it in the basket.

Spider rings or a Halloween sticker would be great, inexpensive prizes!

For younger children, you could put 20 paper cups together with a small prize in each.

Whichever cup they get their ball in is the prize that they get.

Frankenstein Relay Race

Divide your kids or guests into teams.

Create a start/finish line and an obstacle approximately 20 feet away; a plastic pumpkin would be perfect a great obstacle!

The idea is simple but with a Halloween twist!

Players have to run around the obstacle and tag the next team member who then does the same thing.

The first team with everyone over the finish line wins.

It’s a simple game, but the twist is that you are not allowed to bend your knees and you must walk like Frankenstein!

Anyone caught bending their knees must go back to the start.

Have your camera ready as this game is certain to have some hilarious moments.

Fun and Easy Halloween Games for Kids

Pass the Pumpkins

This is a variation of Musical Chairs where players remain seated.

When the music starts playing they pass around plastic pumpkins.

There will be one pumpkin less then there are children.

When the music stops the child without the pumpkin is out of the game, you then remove another pumpkin and start again, the winner is the child holding the pumpkin at the end.

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Paper Mache Pumpkins

Before the party make some paper mache pumpkins using balloons and newspaper.

Paint them orange, but do not paint on the faces just yet.

The children can then draw faces on them to see who can make the most creative pumpkin.

You might want to have prizes for different categories like spookiest pumpkin, happiest pumpkin, silliest pumpkin, etc..

A couple of variations could be that they paint on real pumpkins or just use paper and crayons and design their own Halloween pumpkin faces.

Halloween Games for Kids - Fun Games to Celebrate the Holiday

Best Costume Award

It goes without saying you have to have a best Halloween costume contest at the party!

Try awarding different prizes for a variety of categories to make everyone feel included!

The only thing left to do now is to have a fantastic time at your Halloween party!

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